First Time Traveling to London as a Local for United States Citizens

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For instagrammable photos

There are lots of choices if you’re looking for quirky touches and interiors to update your instagrammable photos. And the Sketch (Mayfair) is one of must see places. It has great playful, instagrammable dining room with lots of unique original prints.

The service is also quite excellent. With charming host, you’re likely to be a queen served by a professional ‘tea master’.

The sketch also has unique, egg –shaped loos. Don’t miss to visit this before you leave! See more in their official site at this URL!

Special restaurants for true high class London style

Try Duck & Waffle restaurant, located on the high floor (40th) of the Heron Tower (Liverpool Street). The high sensation of eating at the highest restaurant is the main reason.

Expect aerial shots and monumental views, while enjoying tasty British-inspired foods. Also, try their ‘duck & waffle’ signature dish.

Other similar places to treat yourself and probably your loved one; Sushi Samba (still in the Heron Tower, on the 38th floor), Coppa (in the Tower Bridge), and The Ned (located in the impressive, old Midland Bank building).

What else?

Try also Meatliquor (Oxford Street) if you‘re a burger fan. And for a massive Punjabi food, go to Tayyabs (East London).

A word on London food experiences! London is food lover’s paradise, including street markets, restaurants, and gastropubs. But while you may feel that there is enough fabulous foods you don’t need to – it’s hard to find a tasty slice of pizza here.

Big drawbacks of London

London is a crowded city. It’s easy to find busy atmosphere here, specifically around peak-time when huge amounts of Londoners hit the stations and streets. So it’s bad idea if you’re expecting a quite city.

Plus, the city is quite darn busy with attractions for tourists worldwide (most of the time). As a result, you need to become more tolerant of people around you.

And in general, the weather is also a bit challenging especially when the sun does come out. The good news the city has awesome travel connections (better than the United States). You can easily travel around the city and easily jump elsewhere to leave London.