What Can Families Do at Night in London?

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King’s Cross Station

The station itself is unique. But the priceless thing in there is Platform 9¾, the most famous platform in London or even probably in the world. This is particularly true for Harry Potter’s fans. Here is the location where the Hogwarts Express departs.

Since King’s Cross Station is a busy train station, it’s not always easy to enjoy Platform 9 ¾ during the day because of the lines. Even the wait for a photo could be so much wasting time, 45-60 minutes without a VIP Photo Pass.

On the other hand, the lines are likely to thin out in the evening. That’s why you’re likely to feel more comfortable when you and your families go there late at night (after 8 PM) or early in the morning (before 8 AM).

It costs nothing, and you can take a picture on your own. But you may want to hire a professional photographer (available from 8 AM to 10 PM) for best picture and bring you in the front of the line fast. Also, you may want to pay for souvenir at the Harry Potter Shop.

King’s Cross Station also has complete facilities such as shopping center, modern transportation, restaurants, public restrooms, or something else that we need most in the station.

Millennium Bridge in London

This London Millennium Footbridge is the next top 3 family-friendly night activities for Harry Potter’s fans. It’s a memorable landmark of a dramatic sequence at the beginning of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie released in 2009.

The bridge is one of the most attractive architecture in the city, crossing the River Thames. The best time to visit is when the skies are clear so you can take your best photos.

With a strong pedestrian-only steel suspension, it’s a good way to walk from the south to the north side while enjoying a fantastic panoramic view of St Paul’s Cathedral – or from the north to the south side for a great view of the Globe Theatre.

And if you’re still craving from more tourist attractions go to the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s, or Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre which is a few minutes’ walk-away from the bridge.

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