What Can Families Do at Night in London?

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On holiday, keeping your family entertained at night – especially for your kids – could be a hard work. But if you love London (a city that comes alive with its twinkling glory after the sun has set), there are lots of awesome places to visit with your families after dark. Without further ado, let’s explore more!

Hamleys Toy Shop

This toy shop is a must on your list, especially when you and your family are visiting London for Christmas holiday. Chock full of entertainments, toys, and games – Hamleys store has become the greatest, famous toy store in London. Sometimes they also dish up a rope-drop style event at their opening time.

It’s easily accessed from almost everywhere. Just take a short walk from the station of Oxford Circus, located on Regent Street since 1981. Opening time is 10 Am to 9 PM!

With over 25 years of experience since its foundation, Hamleys store is not only an emporium of wonder for most kids, but also adults. You will find five floors full of a wide range of facilities. At 5th floor, there are restrooms, cafe, and baby changing areas.

Another spectacular thing, you would see special window displays at Xmas. Plus, you can easily find staffs everywhere to help keep your children entertained with eye-catching toy demonstrations. The displays are impressive, done very well.

Drawbacks, some people say that most toys are a bit expensive in price. Some are probably over priced for the quality, though this usually comes down to personal preference.

Also, you may find toys you’re looking for are really high up on shelves. As a result you and your kids are difficult to actually see them.

London Eye at night

It’s undeniable that there are lots of attractions to explore in London, and trying London Eye is a must especially when you visit London with your family.

London eye, as the name suggests, is the tallest Europe’s observation ‘wheel’ building. With 5.3K inches above the ground, it’s high enough to help you have a unique aerial view experience and admire beautifully-lit icons in the largest city of England.

While you can admire the view clearly during daylight, it’s also worth a try to enjoy this giant wheel at night for a different experience. As long as the weather is nice, going up at night is not bad idea to see the lovely and twinkly London from the sky. Even some iconic buildings and landmarks are likely to appear at their most atmospheric after dark.

The most drawback thing, probably you’d find the long line to get the ticket. If you and your family are in hurry, choose a fast track option to skip and go to the front of the line, though you need to pay a little extra.

Or (if necessary) make a reservation, particularly recommended when you visit London in mid-June, you don’t have to worry about rain or dark clouds because the weather of this period of time is usually friendly for any outdoor activities.

The night view from the Shard

Educate yourself and your families about the history of London with fun by visiting the Shard, which is also the Western Europe’s tallest building. Opening hours are 10 Am – 10 PM, but in the cold days of winter it is usually only open up to 7 PM.

Here you can find another alternative choice to enjoy night views with your families. At the top of the building, you can see up to 35 miles away in each direction which is good enough to understand the dynamic pulse of the city.

Plus, you’ll have spectacular 360-degree view to see both modern and historic landmarks such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, the Buckingham Palace, the National Wembley Stadium, and the Olympic Park. Some of these stunning panoramic views would spark your imagination about over 1,000 years of London’s history. You can also eat and drink while enjoying this spectacular view.

If you go there with your children, try playing the ‘spot the sights’ game to help nurture their fascination about London. For example, challenge your children to discover certain famous sights of the city.

And if you choose to go up during daylight, make sure the weather is nice cloudy so it doesn’t spoil your view. Some tour package offers the ‘refund back’ if the view is not as well as expected due to unpredicted bad weather.

Spend a night at the Natural History museum!

If your families have watched the ‘Night at the Museum’ movie, they’re likely to be excited to spend a night at museum – and yes, there are lots of museums in London to get special overnight experiences.

These sleepovers include various activities, exploring the halls or seeing some kid-friendly attractions after lights out with high jinks. So there will be very little sleep.

The Natural History Museum is awesome by day. It has complete collections for everyone, including kids.

And did you know that it also provides immersive events (e.g. theatrical performances and hands-on art workshops) after normal hours.

And for kids and family, it has Dino Snores – which is one of best known museum sleepovers in London. The tour involves numerous activities such as exploring enormous dinosaur skeletons, playing games, learning science with fun and a live animal show in the next morning.

This could be a memorable experience of your family-friendly night activities that you would never forget. Plus, it’s affordable for most people – about £120 for 1 Child and 1 Adult.

Piccadilly Circus

This place is a meeting place where we find the Piccadilly Street joins with other main avenues (Shaftesbury Avenue, Glasshouse Street, Regent Street, The Haymarket, and Coventry Street). With this strategic position, Piccadilly Circus has become one of the most fabulous road junctions in the world.

While Piccadilly Circus is quite awesome during the day, it is going more impressive after dark. At night, you would find the hustle and bustle of a glowing atmosphere similar to New York’s Times Square since this place also provides the full effects of video displays and billboards.

Although the dynamic pulse of this hub is similar to the New York’s Times Square, still it has its own unique characteristics with different and unique buildings surround the area. With different styles of dynamic European culture, it is a must see place especially at night even if just momentarily.

Plus, this famous road junction is close to the historical monuments and shopping theaters, which are good choices for your night’s adventures with your families. You should give it a shot if you’re headed to in Westminster, Soho, or Leicester Square for example.

It is also one of most memorable scenes found in some movies. And the most popular one probably is the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (specifically at the scene in which Harry, Ron, and Hermione need to jump out the way to nearly miss being hit a bus).

So this area is a must see place if you and your families are fans of the Harry Potter’s movies. But can you go there with children at night? In general, it’s not too recommended to go there with kids under 6 years old.

Piccadilly Circus is completely safe for everyone including kids, but it’s a busy area. That’s why make sure they are next to you at all times (never let them out of your sight) because it’s possible to get lost.

Harry Potter tour at night

Looking more places to visit for memorable scenes in the Harry Potter’s movies? Well, London has everything for that answer! And the good news some are welcome to visit after dark and have spectacular view at night.

Besides Piccadilly Circus, the following are other must see places at night if you visit London with Harry Potter fans at your house.

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