American Things in London When It Rains

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Benjamin Franklin house!

As the name suggests, it is the sole surviving residence of a man called the “first real American” that’s Benjamin Franklin, a charismatic America’s founding father. It’s located a few steps from the Trafalgar Square.

As a residence to Franklin for almost 16 years, specifically around 1757-1775, it has a lot of historic things to explore. For examples, here satirical essays were first published. The same goes for the lightning rod or when he conceived of his phonetic alphabet.

Franklin also has a significant contribution for the strong relationship between two countries. With all of these reasons, visiting Benjamin Franklin house is a must especially if you love historic adventure.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

When it comes to the top bell foundries in all the world, the Whitechapel Bell foundry is probably the most popular one. They have a long history in this industry, especially in the production of large bells for about 500 years.

The historic foundry in Whitechapel has been commissioned to create many popular iconic bells in some countries such as [reference];

  1. Big Ben (best known of all) for the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster (London).
  2. Great Bell of Montreal (North America, Canada).
  3. And the original giant, Liberty Bell — which is also the icon of US independence. 

Interestingly, this historic foundry still belongs to the same family until they closed in 2017. However, we can still enjoy this area since now it has become a free museum. So don’t miss it when visiting London, which is particularly true if you’re a history buff and likely to venture off the beaten track!

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