American Things in London When It Rains

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Besides Brexit, the weather of London is a frequently asked question especially for new American tourists in this city. Yap, the unpredictable rainy days are a challenging thing. The good news, there are also plenty of American things to do in London even when it rains! Also, it’s not bad idea to expect memorable part of your trip with hellish gusts of rain and wind.

Prepare your travel, wet weather gear!

So you’ve eventually reserved that overseas vacation, congratulation! That’s been signed on your trip calendar now, what’s next?

For your successful vacation without a hitch, a few things need to be prepared — and wet weather gear is a must. And you can start this from umbrella.

If you still don’t have one, don’t worry you can buy it in London. The best recommendation is James Smith & Sons in New Oxford Street, which is probably the best and oldest brolly shop in London.

The company has good reputation with a long history in the production of umbrella for decades, since 1830. The quality of their umbrella is not doubtable, also have sold to legendary prime ministers of UK such as William Gladstone and Andrew Bonar Law.

And they’re still productive in making umbrellas to this day in their basement, as well as walking sticks and walking canes.

This charming, beautiful Victorian shop is the paradise of lots of umbrellas from old styles (traditional) to contemporary models (sun parasols or high-tech folding styles). A bespoke, custom-request for your own unique style is also available – though it takes time (typically about a month).

In addition, in case if you accidentally leave your lovely brolly on the tube (underground), you’re not alone. Try visiting the TfL’s Lost Property Office, they have collected thousands umbrellas over the years.

Mayflower, the starting point for the USA

I do believe that the name ‘Mayflower’ is familiar for every American school-age. That’s why the Mayflower Pub is a must-visit for Americans in this city.

It is about only 10 minutes from the London Bridge with tube ride. It is an oldest pub in the city where the Mayflower ship launched its challenging journey in 1620 and transported the Pilgrims to a new land that’s now called the USA.

That was about 400 years ago! That’s why many locals say that The Mayflower Pub is probably the oldest pub in London, specifically on the Thames.

This delightful pub is an awesome place to relax and dodge the rain in London. Head inside for local ales, classic chips, and historical atmospheres.

We can find the pub in the Rotherhithe, which is also a charming area (a hidden gem in London). Nowadays the Rotherhithe is no longer for home to shipyards, but it still has its retained character that would take you stepped back in time. Somehow it has stayed tucked away from the bulk of tourists from around the world visiting London.

Truthfully American groceries to visit

Just because it’s on seemingly-no-good-day, doesn’t mean you and your family can’t have a parade. Because London has everything, even on a rainy day! You can still have plenty of things to explore without being cooped up at hotel!

For example — if you’re craving for some retail therapy, visiting Westfield is a must. Here you can find hundreds of shops, cafes, and restaurants, and many more under one roof. You can spend your money until you drop.

You can also enjoy a rainy day in London by visiting the right places where you find the real American groceries. Here are top 3 worthy places to visit!

USA food store

Grocery stores in this big town are overwhelming. But if you’re looking for US-specific things, USA food store is your best bet. It has been featured on the London Live and BBC

Here you would find lots of foods and snacks you’re used to being able to purchase back home. These include American Sodas, Cheerios (the real US version), Hersey bars, etc.

The store has been supplying the real US products for more than 6 years. Located in West London, specifically in Ladbroke Grove (where Jimmy Hendrix, a phenomenal rock star died here), it’s easy to be accessed from anywhere. Also, you can make an order via online.

Selfridges Food Hall

Visiting the old, big Selfridges is also a good idea on a rainy day if you’re looking for American things.

We know well the Oxford Street is a paradise for high-class items (especially boutique items). But this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be made out of money since it also has affordable things to offer, and Selfridges Food Hall is a good start.

It’s easy to get products with “USA” label in London. But many of them are made differently, because they’re specifically made for UK market.

Selfridges is big, it has lots of things. What is different? Here you would find groceries from America’s heartland.

This giant department store is not only located in the busiest shopping spot in Europe — but also a recommended place to find authentic American groceries, specifically in their food hall. You may also see repulsive items, hot dogs in a jar for example.


With its awesome-fancy name, Partidge’s is the next recommended idea for a huge selection of truthfully American foods.

But it is a fancy, high class grocery store since it is located in one of the fanciest areas of the city. That’s why you would easily spend much money here. So keep focus on what you’re looking for!

In certain events, Partidge’s usually also provides more iconic American things. For example, it’s often a huge hit around Christmas and Thanksgiving time (when you’d easily find the Graham crackers, Del Monte creamed corn, or pumpkin pie filling).

How about Alexandra Palace?

Watching movie is one of the best ideas when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day. Alexander Palace is not the obvious things if you’re a film goer.

Londoners believe that Alexander Palace is the birthplace of television, because it was used as the main production center for BBC. Located in North London, it’s quite easy to access this area.

Alexandra Palace is one of popular avenues in London, and often used for a number of different events including a drive-in cinema club. Sometimes it also provides an event that let you have a throwback to classic American movies.

The next question, is it worth to visit Alexander Palace during rainy days?

While most outdoor cinema events are screening in the summer months – the Luna Cinema for example, would still play the movie until the end of September. But for full detail, make sure to visit their official website at the following URL!

And don’t forget a few extra blankets (especially if you’re going for a toasty evening of cinema).

America historic things in London (what’s more)?

Mayflower is just one of many America historic things weaved into the hustle and bustle of streets in London.

So there are still many must-see places to explore if you’re an American visiting this big city. Some are welcome to visit even on rainy days. These include:

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