A Letter to Mona Doctor & the Auroville Governing Board
Regarding the Mother's Temple

The following letter was a response to mis-information compiled by Mona Doctor regarding the Matrimandir that continues to be published on Auroville's official Website: www.auroville.org. The letter was also sent to the Governing Board of Auroville and various authorities within the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. For More Information on this large cover-up and attempts to expose the truth of the Matrimandir, see www.aeongroup.com or www.matacom.com.

April 16, 2003

Dear Mona Doctor,

I wonder if you have read the Matrimandir Action Committee's latest Chronicle on the deception regarding the Mother's Temple.

I have read it and wonder how you respond to the information presented. I am fairly new to this debate ... but from everything I have seen and read, it seems clear that you have misused information in Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's "The New Way", and that the diagram's and pyramid correlations that you attribute to the Auroville Matrimandir, do not apply due to the alterations in the room's diameter, and the entrance ways and such. I wonder how you or anyone can put forth and support such falseness, or do you believe the sacred architecture of the Auroville Matrimandir is still valid if the central measurements are off? I am a student of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's work and am ANGRY that this deception exists ... though I know it is only a matter of time until people read the Facts that are coming out, and see for themselves that they have been lied to.

What can you possibly say to Right the Wrongs done to the Mother's original vision/plan, which continue to send out powerful vibrations of Darkness/Ignorance across the globe from the original seat of the Supramental Manifestation. Is there any Truth you can share, any Light you can help shed, to help speed up the purification process that is well underway and will not stop to spare anyone's ego? Please share your Truth with students of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and the Indian and world population, even if that Truth is that you have been deceptive. Perhaps that has been an important role that you and others have had to serve for a long time. Is it necessary any more?

As I am understanding the Integral Yoga, it seems that all steps, including mis-steps, have a certain precision .... but once light is shed and the mis-steps are CLEARLY mis-steps, then why keep taking those steps? How can anything supported by deceit stand? How can Auroville stand itself? I pray for peaceful, rather than violent dissolution of the falsehood that has taken hold there and in your own life. But whether peaceful or not, the dissolution/dis-illusion will happen.

I wish no one harm or suffering. I wish for Truth/Consciousness/Unified Vision. The Mother's original seeing of the Temple seems to me the seed of that Truth/Consciousness/Unified Vision.

I wish for that seeing/that seed to be freed from its entanglements and coverings, so that it might grow more freely in this world. I trust that the walls of my own, and everybody else's Self-Ignorance will be shattered - when and however the Supramental forces at work deem necessary, but I am experiencing Impatience ... feeling like it is Time for something to GIVE, for some huge falsehoods to GIVE UP the Truth they are withholding. To release the Light that has been buried along with the Mother's original plan.

It is Time. The Time described in the Vedic Sacrifice in Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda, when the Illumined Mind, Indra, strikes at the walls of the Dark Mind (the Panis), and the solar light is released, and the Supramental Truth Dawns on Mankind. I can feel this happening in my own life. I know it is happening. The falsehood in ourselves is doomed. The falsehoods surrounding the Auroville Matrimandir are doomed.

How could any of us be successful for very long, however crafty our egos are, in obstructing the Illumined Mind or the Supramental Truth, in light of the fact that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother did descend and bring their light with them, and in light of the fact that Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet is furthering that descent. From what I understand, most Integral Yoga students in Auroville/Pondicherry or within its grasp are not open to such a possibility. In my studies it just occurred as OBVIOUS, CRYSTAL CLEAR... As obvious and clear to me as was the truth of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's work was when I first came upon it. But thank goodness the Truth of that matter is not decided by our beliefs or disbeliefs.

What to do in our half light but attempt to be honest with ourselves and others? ... And to at least attempt to see the Illumined Mind, rather than trying to defend our own partial seeings and lower mental capacities.

May the Full Love and Truth be granted clearance in our minds and hearts,

Lori Tompkins