A Letter to the Auroville Governing Board

Regarding: The Matrimandir

26 July, 2003

This is the second letter coming to you from me. As I go deeper into my yoga, it becomes increasingly clear that the illusion that Auroville’s temple is representative of the Mother’s original seed vision, must be fully exposed.

Auroville needs to take responsibility for the fact that it has not built and does not harbor the Mother’s Temple. It has built an interpretation of her vision through the eyes of the uninitiated, meaning it was built by those who had no idea of the magnitude of the Knowledge that was contained in the precise measurements the Mother originally saw. It therefore did not seem like an offense to change measurements.

This has been a reflection for 30 some years that the prevailing consciousness on the planet does not truly respect, understand, value the Mother principle, and the concept that we are living in a highly ordered, conscious precise and measurable cosmos. The Supramental Descent Sri Aurobindo began is the process of divinizing matter, revealing the divine nature of matter ... the truth of the Material Creation as it unfolds in Time.

What was the Temple to be if not a monument to that process? Not only a monument to the process, but as she wrote of the Temple’s central Ray of Light, a beacon for the future realization of the Supramental Consciousness ... it was to be a light house for all of humanity interested in the transformation to a Life Divine.

So those responsible for changing the dimensions according to personal motivations and esthetic desires, and those who allowed the distortion to get built, and those who continue to hide the truth of the matter from the public and those who don’t care to get involved in demanding the truth be seen, have formed an ego shell around the original seed of the Matrimandir.

Perhaps it is nice to see this as a necessary process, like the process of a soul being born into this world. The soul gets blanketed by an ego, a distorted expression of the true nature. Unless a second birth or transformation takes place, the soul will perhaps never be exposed to the light of Day on planet Earth.

Another way to see this (and this is my first impulse before feeling some compassion for your process and the general condition we have all found ourselves born into in this life time), is outrage that the governing bodies and yogis of Auroville and students of the work in Pondicherry, could basically build a Dark House instead of a Light House, and still call it a Light House.

Imagine if an airport turned off its runway lights at night. That is one way to see what has been done. Now everything is crashing around us in the darkness of our world, and the thread of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's Supramental consciousness has been all but lost and you do not seem to notice that your lights are OFF. You think they are on but they are not.

Due to having read several of Satprem’s books and resonating with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Pondicherry was on my list of places to visit when I traveled to in India during winter of 1999-2000 I arrived in Pondicherry on January 11 and immediately found the Visitor Center. After reading my way through, I walked outside and wept uncontrollably for 15 minutes. I realized that my entire life had been a longing for and an expression of the Supramental Descent, however distorted my expressions had been.

I stayed in Pondicherry for a few weeks studying and relaxing, and though I saw pictures of and read of the Matrimandir, I chose not to visit. There was nothing in the information distributed that called me to the temple.

After I left Pondicherry, upon a friend's suggestion, I visited Kodaikanal and had beautiful integral realizations there.

Months later, back in the United States, I found a copy of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's The Gnostic Circle and was stunned to find that there was a living continuation of the Supramental Yoga. It was clear to me that she was the same truth-consciousness expressing another level of the descent, and I wondered why I had not seen her work in Pondicherry. And then I found, to my surprise, that she lived in Kodiakanal.

Her work immediately occurred as a Light House ... full of Light, like I had never seen before, outlining the mechanics of how the Supramental Descent could be seen. My eyes and heart were glued to her work. My soul, if it ever was to make a successful landing on this planet, I felt would do so by the light of her illuminations.

When I read in The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2 of the true dimensions of the Mother's Temple, I trusted that Patrizia was seeing and telling the truth, but I really understood nothing about the measurements. Though she described the Temple as a living consciousness of the highest order, that would initiate students into Gnostic Consciousness, I had no concept of how a building could be a living seed of truth-consciousness. But again my gut and heart trusted that it was so.

I visited Patrizia this past fall and left in total darkness. Our relationship crumbled. Still I could not take my eyes off of the Light of her Yoga. So back in California, I was uncertain how my own Integral Yoga was to proceed.

In June my attention was drawn to certain parts of Patrizia's work that had alluded me ... especially about the nature of Time and the Vedic Yugas. She wrote that the Kali Yuga could be considered a Solar Year and that it was equal to one year on Earth as well as one 24-hour day. So I began to study time, comparing the Kali Yuga to 24 hours and by the end of it realized that the Yugas formed a pyramid in time, containing the same dimensions as the pyramid - 4, 3, 2, and 0 reflected in the number given for the Kali Yuga 432,000 which is as well the diameter of the sun. The Dwapara Yuga is the 2
of the Time Pyramid - representing in the material pyramid the central axis made by two points in space; the Treta Yuga is the 3 - representing a triangular side of the pyramid made of three points in space; and the Satya Yuga is the 4 - representing the square base of the pyramid made of four points in space. Kali Yuga is the hidden One, the 0 - represented by the point that is the apex of the pyramid - the beginning and end of the pyramid’s mass.

I had read this before in Patrizia's work but was now able to make sense of what had been pretty much unintelligible upon two readings of both The Gnostic Circle and The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2.

I then realized that the calculations of the time study would probably show up in the true dimensions of the Matrimandir, because it was a monument to Time and contained, like the dimensions of the Yugas, a subtle pyramid to the exact proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Sure enough, the calculations I had come to were contained in the Matrimandir and I began to read the Temple's language. It spoke of unimaginable beauty, consciousness and harmony seen and brought into our world by the Mother. For nine days straight I received almost constant illumination regarding the Supramental truth-conciousness at work in me and the world we live in. I saw how asleep I have been regarding the true nature of our journey. I realized as well that the darkness of my being and world have been Mothering me perfectly, as horrible as and hopeless my journey has seemed at times.

I realized that the lights have been turned off for good reason. I see how that is true for the Matrimandir as well. Auroville has been blanketed, guarded by darkness, so that the seed of its truth-consciousness could grow through the Light of Patrizia's work and take hold in the Dark womb/earth of Auroville.

30 years later, one full Saturn return after the Mother's death, after seeing deeper into the Gnosis contained in the measurements, it is clear to me that the seed of the supramental truth-consciousness, is still growing in complete darkness ... in the air-tight darkness of the ego which is granted no true knowledge of what it has been protected.

I see this process in me and how everything in my life thus far has been without fail, an expression of this seed of truth; but also without fail, the expressions have been distorted and limited. I see that the ego and the divided mind has no access to the truth of what is being accomplished by the Mother, the Shakti, through human beings, life and matter on Earth. It is
clear to me this week how far our civilization is from understanding the Mother, the Cosmos, and how our arrogance, ignorance, lethargy and self-interest, keeps us in a spell that renders the Material Creation an unconscious chaos to our eyes. As long as this spell is in effect, there will be no true Knowledge of our Oneness, no true understanding of Spirit or Matter, and no Life Divine of Earth.

It is really no wonder to me now, that the Mother's Temple has been shrouded by ignorance and lies. The soul core of the human being is shrouded in the exact same way, and for the most part, never sees the truth of its being. For the most part, the soul never fully takes hold in matter, and is released in death, and matter never becomes fully conscious, never capable of experiencing and expressing its divine nature.

So here we are, on a planet whose civilization is in agony ... dying because we do not have direct access to the truth core of our beings. And Auroville sits sleeping on the ONE thing that will direct students towards the Truth of the Material creation and direct perception of the Beautiful One that we are, evolving in Time together beyond our mental, vital and material limitations towards a Supramental Manifestation.

Please wake up, step aside and let the true dimensions of the Matrimandir be seen. I have been guided by the Supramental Shakti on an unbelievable journey ... which led me past the shadow temple which you constructed, to Patrizia's recordings of the Matrimandir, and just recently to seeing glimpses of the Gnosis of the Mother. Every day and night since my first true appreciation for some of the Matrimandir's measurements (July 15), I am granted more understanding of the knowledge contained in the measurements. Three nights ago I was filled by an astounding quantity of energy filled me without harm, and wondered if that was not a glimpse of the future realization contained in the globe of the Matrimandir ... the future of the body ... to be literally filled with this Energy/Light.

It is Time for the game of hide and seek to be over. There is no Knowledge, Truth-Consciousness or Gnosis in the Auroville Temple. Students should not have to sit in ignorance, or wander around blindly for decades as I have, trying to find the true Temple ... it takes long enough to be granted some transmission of knowledge from it once actually find it! It seems to me that the world does not have the luxury to wander around blindly much longer.

I am writing from America, a country so asleep that we have a president in office that we didn't even vote for and we are allowing his administration to take away many of our civil liberties and terrorize the world in the name of freedom. India is equally asleep, curled tightly around the Sanatana Dharma, and Vedic wisdom contained in its sacred texts and temples, but does not recognize that the current understandings of the Dharma and the Wisdom are distorted expressions of the original seed, the original SEEing of the Vedic rishis. If the Sanatana Dharma was fully on the surface of life, India would not find itself in the polluted chaos in which it finds itself, and certainly no one would think to allow a Temple to the Divine Mother to stand with one centimeter out of place.

There is no need to blame and judge, because if all is the controlled Supramental Consciousness, a controlled Shiva-Shakti play, we will wake up at the exact second that we are suppose to wake up, and not a moment before. Much gets accomplished in the dark.

But I have just woken up at least enough to know I have been in darkness, and look straight to Auroville. It is apparent that sooner than later, Auroville needs to wake up, and see that their temple is NOT a monument to the Mother, is NOT a beacon of Light, is not a piece of Sacred Architecture; but is rather a monument to the Ego. Everything in our world of Religious, Secular, Materialistic, Scientific, and Divided consciousness blocks the full descent of the Transcendent, and the ascent of the Individual, and the revelation of the divine spark in Matter.

Auroville was founded by the Mother to be different. It was founded to be a first City of Gnostic Being. When is the Gnosis going to be allowed some ground in your consciousness and on your soil?

Peace and Light to you on your journeys of self-discovery,

Lori Tompkins

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