Evolution and the Zodiac

Upon asking Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet if Sri Aurobindo saw the four stages
or terms of evolution housed in the Circle, she responded:

'[The terms] are Sri Aurobindo's, but I worked this out IN THE ZODIAC in Rome, before any contact or knowledge of his work. That forms the basis for the book, 'Astrology and the Question of Unity' - which I never published. I still have that typescript though. I 'saw' the zodiac's four quarters with the very definitions that Sri Aurobindo gives. Hence, when I did come into his work, it resonated effortlessly. Of course the last quarter I called Spiritual, for lack of a better word. But as the knowledge deepened I realised that if that last quarter were truly integrated, if 'heaven' were brought to 'earth', then it was no longer spiritual but supramental. That is the only change I came to make on the basis of Yoga. All this is in [The Tenth Day of Victory]."

In Norelli-Bachelet's seeing of Evolution, the cardial points of Aires, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn mark the entrance not only to Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, but also mark the major shifts in the Evolution.

0 Degrees Aries & the Physical Quadrant

Starting from the point of pure energy/consciousness at 0 degrees Aries which creates unconscious Matter (Taurus ) and the unconscious "mind" of Matter (Gemini).

0 Degrees Cancer & the Vital/Life Quadrant

0 Cancer represents the emergence of cells of life which progresses to the experience of Individual life forms (Leo) and the organization of these life forms (Virgo).


0 Degrees Libra & the Mental Quadrant

Passage into Libra signifies that the animal develops mental capacities. This is the stage at which Vital/animal instincts no longer rule and there is great tension between animal instincts and the growning consciousness of the mind. This creates great oppositions, wars and hording of resources (Scorpio). And this state demands resolution by death or by breaking through to the higher capacities of Mind (Sagittarius).

0 Degrees Capricorn & the Supramental Quadrant

In terms of the larger evolutionary stages, Norelli-Bachelet sees entrance into Capricorn as a step into the Supramental Phase of Evolution, in which all the previous accomplishments of Evolution become fully coordinated and harmonized, rather than at odds. Capricorn signifies a realization of the Truth of Matter, Aquarius signifies a universal brotherhood of Man based on Supramental Gnosis and Technologies and Pisces signifies experience of the highest vibrations of love based on the Truth of Being and Becoming, based on a full or 360 degree vision of all parts of the whole. This 4th Quadrant represents the Swar realm in Vedic terminology based on a terrestrial (not otherworldly) "Truth-Consciousness-Bliss" or Satchitandada (Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces).

Author: Lori Tompkins
References: The Gnostic Circle and The Magical Carousel & Commentaries
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