from The Magical Carousel Commentaries

by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

... The letter lived on when the spirit was forgotten;
the symbol, the body of the doctrine, remained, but the
soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings.
- Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda


THE WAY to discover the eternal truths preserved for humanity in the mysterious and enigmatic testaments of antiquity is to find them first in our world of today. The following commentaries were written in order to provide the seeker with an example of this process, that in so doing there can be living evidence of a sound method for deciphering certain extant examples of higher knowledge from past ages, veiled from us because of the shadows the Spirit of Time casts.
My work has led me to discover the fundaments of various ancient systems of knowledge. Once firmly rooted in the present, it was possible to move into the past and learn that the truth of today is that of yesterday, that the Law is eternal and will prevail in its ever-renewable form as long as the solar system lives. The Magical Carousel is therefore a document of a truth renewed, of an ancient wisdom found in the depths of today’s reality. And by uncovering these truths we are also able to unmask errors perpetuated in the name of ancient wisdom, because seekers have sought in the past what they have not first discovered in the present.

After this zodiacal odyssey was completed it was clear that only on the basis of a thorough initiation into the cosmic script can there be any integral understanding of the ancient scriptures – sometimes so hopelessly misunderstood – insofar as all have invariably made use of this universal cosmic language. One of these is the Rig Veda. Mention is made of this document off and on throughout the commentaries, along with others of its kind, in an effort to avail the seeker of some keys with which a better understanding can come. The lack of this insight has left the Veda open to all sorts of erroneous interpretations, in particular wherever the ancient Rishis mention the year, the day in their hymns, or north, south, etc. Scholars ignore the Laws of Correspondence whereby, according to the ancient tradition, one day is equal to one year; therefore they interpret literally and have used these passages to support their theories of an Aryan invasion from the North, more specifically from the Arctic region.

In the main these documents cannot be taken as historical, in the way we record history today. All the invocations of such hymns refer to the cosmic harmony and ‘myth’, and to decipher the text one must know this initiatic language. Nonetheless they have many levels, – both psychological and phenomenal; however, by the very nature of the consciousness of unity in which they were composed, they transcend any limitations to which our present-day mentality has become accustomed. Thus the Vedic year-long sacrifice is a reality of the remote past as well as of today, because the year is today the same as yesterday, the same as the cosmic year of The Magical Carousel, divided into four periods: Cosmic Sunrise, Cosmic Midnight, Cosmic Sunset, and Cosmic Midday. This latter is the Aryan’s ‘northern’ or ‘uppermost’ home, because it is the region of swar where immortality is secured. And this victory is open to all.

The ancient books of knowledge are never confined to a region, a people, a race, a creed, never ‘historic’ as we understand this term today. They always sing of a universal truth, open to all who can pierce the veils, at any point in time, and discover the wisdom that speaks always of unity, of oneness, because it is a harmony of the one and the many. The zodiac is pre-eminently such a wisdom, and only because its unity has been overlooked have seekers been led away from its high message. The wheel must be seen as a whole and as a truth deeply rooted in the present because its source is the soul, the seat of the dharma that is eternal. This is the message of The Magical Carousel, – for children, for adults, for all who by intuition know that history of today will be the myth of tomorrow, until we, as a race, have become so firmly rooted in truth that we shall ever live beneath the ray of the Sun of Knowledge, moving along on our evolutionary path in perfect harmony with the Spirit of a new Time.

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