Related Articles & References to Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's Work

The 50th Anniversary of the Supramental Descent - an article by Sadhu Charan Patnaik, 29 February 2006

Some References to the writing & yoga of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet can be found in:

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The Intelligent Enneagram by A G E Blake on p. 259, Back Matter (1), & Back Matter (2)Archetypes Of The Zodiac (The Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library) by Kathleen A. Burt on p. 38, & p. 71
Tranceformers, Shamans of the 21st Century by John, J Harper on p. 90, & p. 276
The Moon Veils Vulcan and the Sun Veils Neptune by Kurt Abraham in Back Matter
Galactic Alignment by John Major Jenkins
'The REAL Evolution Debate' by Carter Phipps, What is Enlightenment, Issue 35: The Mystery of Evolution