One Vast Interconnected Design

A discussion of the Earth's Geocosmology in response to Will Hart's article "The Force Fields of Earth: Are Megalithic Structures Around the World Part of the One Vast Interconnected Design?" published in Atlantis Rising magazine

by Lori Tompkins

14 June 2005

What will it feel like to wake up into a Unified Field? To wake up out of our slumber and shake off the ignorance that tore apart our knowledge of the Cosmos and our Earth and sent the pieces flying further and further apart a Big Bang of Gnosis, leaving us little idea of what exactly we are doing here and how it is that Energy and Matter truly coexist and interact as a Unified Whole?

We can start the inquiry by asking, "What does it feel like to be in Separation, to be in the Ignorance of the Unified Whole?" It feels a lot like a disastrous, suicidal, homicidal, fake world of unrelated disciplines, warring nations, an economy of hoarding and being mesmerized by our capacity to blow up matter for fuel like a caveman might have been mesmerized by being able to burn a log.

It is safe to say that as we wake up, we will feel less and less like That. We can imagine that the process of Unification will be a gradual harmonization of all the dis-membered, dis-embodied fragments, a slow pulling together of that which has been dis-integrated, desecrated (made un-sacred or un-whole).

Those of us alive today are living through the beginnings of this awakening. Without certain knowledge or facts we will prolong the tendency to continue to participate in the whole from the vantage point of division. When we navigate our world and universe with a vision that divides, our offerings (no matter how good the intentions) will continue to be fragmented bi-products, waste-products of our disconnected, unsustainable bi-polar being.

Secret societies, religions, schools of yoga, and academia have been concerned with preserving various bits of knowledge, keys and symbols, giving initiates the knowledge, attempting to navigate and stay oriented amidst the darkness. These are the fragments of the Big Bang of Gnosis. None of them have the power to Unite. They are fragments of the past that have made it into the present to be integrated, they are not the integrating force.

True Knowledge or Gnosis is that which draws us back to the center, that which draws everything back to its source. True Knowledge is that which makes it easier to See and therefore to identify with the truth of the unified whole the one vast being that we are. True Knowledge is akin to a sun or galactic center around which everything in a solar or galactic system is organized, harmonized. It is a living center, not something remembered or imagined, it is a living presence, with immediate and unwavering radiant force.

We recognize that the Earth is not a random fragment of space matter hurling lawlessly about space. We see that the Earth has a certain place in a solar system orbiting around a sun, we have seen that our solar system has a place in the Milky Way Galaxy, orbiting around a Galactic Center. How are the fragments of our mental scatterings to be seen as a whole system without a REAL focal point, without some Knowledge equivalent to a Sun or Galactic Center? It is impossible. Hence in the Rig Veda, man's journey towards Oneness is described as a process of Recovering the Lost Sun. In these terms, it is a "Solar" Consciousness that has real Power, real capacity and true function as the gravitational center which integrates all the "fragments" in the system. What happens when various parts of the whole wake up to a true center, when we recover the Lost Sun, the Lost Solar Consciousness or Gnosis?

Three beings equipped with the Solar Consciousness recently incarnated on Earth to announce that the time has come for us to find out. The first of this line was Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), the second was The Mother (1878 - 1973) and the 3rd is Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (1938). Their immense work is fully potent as the living seed/sun of a Gnostic civilization, fully potent as the gravitational center capable of Integrating all the fragments of our being. Sri Aurobindo termed his yoga "Integral Yoga." He did not use the word "Integral" lightly. His direction was unequivocally towards the Integration of all fragmented parts of the Whole. He wrote that this was an evolutionary process in which man was in the midst and that the next step of evolution is the step in which matter, life, and mind are all fully coordinated (as opposed to our current partial coordination). He called the next step the Supramental Consciousness. The Mother declared that in 1969 this Consciousness was fully at play in the world, drawing back together that which has been divided, not by nirvana, extinction, or an escape from material existence but by unveiling the perfection of the whole in all its parts.

Will Hart published an article in Issue #51 of Atlantis Rising magazine titled, "The Force Fields of Earth: Are Megalithic Structures Around the World Part of the One Vast Interconnected Design?" The article occurred to this author as a big beautiful reminder that things are truly coming back together, and that the days of isolated and fragmented knowledge are numbered. The gravity towards integration is strong, unavoidable really, and conscious or not (despite how things appear), things are no longer flying apart towards a starker and starker individuality. We are at this point in time where everything that has apparently been torn apart and dis-jointed is now coming to function as a coordinated conscious whole. It is going to be quite the show.

Hart's article helps to remind us that this coordination is not a process that will be confined to a laboratory, this is not some extension of our mind's capacity to organize. It is a process that involves coming to understand the living perfection of the whole Earth and the Cosmos, and beginning to see that there is clearly an organization that is Super Mental infinitely above our current Mental ranges. Each of us has come to being in our own little "laboratories" (our own egos - our own little labors), and we are now being called to come out and see the rising Sun, the Living Earth and the One Vast Interconnected Cosmic Design.

In his article Hart wrote about the coincidence of pyramids and other megalithic structures (i.e. Stonehenge-like structures) being built along common latitudinal and longitudinal lines. He began the article with some information that should have woken a few people up out of their seats: "The principle meridian spanning the globe is 30 N. latitude. The Great Pyramid and the mouth of the Nile sit on that meridian as does the mouth of the Mississippi, the Tigress-Euphrates River and the sites of various ancient civilizations. A band of energy also spans the earth just north and south of the 19.5 N. latitude."

The information that Hart brought forward in his article was particularly striking to this author not because it was new information, but because much of it was not. This is no criticism of Mr. Hart's work! He is clearly unaware that there has been extensive treatment of the latitudinal coincidences of the Nile and the Mississippi and the Pyramids of Egypt and of the vertical and horizontal lines of energy running through the planet. The book that precedes Hart's discoveries is The New Way: A Study in the Rise and Establishment of a Gnostic Society, Volumes 1 and 2, written by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, published in 1981.

Thus, twenty-four years before Hart made his discoveries (2005), Norelli-Bachelet described a comprehensive geo-cosmology, complete with a fold-out map, in that 600 page book. She considers Earth's latitudinal and longitudinal lines as living fields with dynamic geological and cosmological significance. She recognized four main arteries of Earth and points out the "coincidence" that two of them the Mississippi and the Nile both have mouths at 30 N; and a third, the Ganga, has its source at 31 N. She identified the Amazon as one of the four major arteries, noting that the source of the Nile and the Mouth of the Amazon meet at the equator. She also recognized that the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx lie specifically at the intersection of 30 N and 30 E as an expression of the living design of Earth as an expression of the consciousness of matter and as a gift to those of us to have the fortune to be alive now to wake up to the Cosmic Harmonies that have always been at play throughout the worst of our memory gaps and blackouts, and throughout the worst of our faux pas in relating to each other, to the Living Earth and to matter itself as a result of our losses.

In her thesis, Norelli-Bachelet calls the rivers that run north to south (or vice-versa), Time Rivers; those that run east to west, Space Rivers. Hart noted the difference and called them 'magnetic' and 'electrical', respectively.

Not only does Norelli-Bachelet recognize that geographic placement of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid is an expression of the larger consciousness that manifests throughout all SPACE and all form, she also recognizes that their temporal placement (their placement in the flow of time) expresses the same consciousness manifesting throughout all TIME. Students of her work are shown the interconnectedness of Time and Space by being given keys to understand the essence of the Zodiac. (1) It is common knowledge that the Zodiac is used to measure Time via the Astrological Ages there are twelve 2160 year ages in one 25,920 year Precession of the Equinoxes. In "The New Way" Norelli-Bachelet lays the twelve signs of the Zodiac over the 360 latitudinal and longitudinal degrees of the Earth to help students see the larger Consciousness reflected in the body of the planet. Thus we can begin to see the larger Consciousness that has been ceaselessly at work in both Time and Space.

Norelli-Bachelet wrote in The New Way:

". . . We find that the Nile's source is located at the Equator, on the half of the globe that grants to this 30 degree band . . . the sign of Capricorn. There, at the source of the Nile, Capricorn begins in terms of Space. Following the river northward there is an important alteration at exactly 15 degrees into the sign, the point which corresponds to the Eye of Shiva in India's occult geography. At Khartoum, on latitude 15 north, the White Nile joins the Blue Nile and for another 15 degrees the river is single bodied and its force is concentrated in one vein. After Giza, for a very short stretch to its mouth, the Nile again separates.

"Thus this awesome space river covers the entire sign of Capricorn, and precisely where the Sphinx stands, which is a monument to the sign Aquarius, the river changes from Capricorn to Aquarius. The Sphinx guards this age old secret: at the exact point where it stands, Aquarius comes into space being on the surface of the globe.

"Considering the Nile on the longitude rod, the same sign appears. Giza is longitude 30 E according to retrograde motion; this is the beginning of Aquarius, its 29/30th degree. The Sphinx is placed on the exact spot where, both in Space and Time, the sign Aquarius comes into being. In fact it is during this Age of Aquarius, within the first degree of the sign by retrograde motion or the first 72 years of the age that the secret the Sphinx guards is revealed and the conquest of Time occurs, which is the necessary compliment to the conquest of Space that was achieved during the Age when the Pyramids and the Sphinx were built. This was the Age of Leo, the sign of the Lion. Now, in the sign of the Woman/Man, the Earth becomes truly whole by the unveiling of her harmony in Time. " (p.361-362 TNW)

The revelation of the guarded "secret of the Sphinx" refers to the fact that the Sphinx was finally completely uncovered in the sands of Giza in 1926. Norelli-Bachelet identifies this as THE entry into the Age of Aquarius, which by retrograde motion is the 29/30th degree of Aquarius.

It is difficult to adequately express the body of knowledge that Norelli-Bachelet has brought onto our planet. But it is good to start by describing it as a body, a body of work which has the capacity to reveal, to illuminate our larger body, our One Vast Being. Her work is a dense compression of the process by which the Individual will be re-oriented around his soul, the Sun. The knowledge she brings forth has the power to dissolve all fantasies that any of us have a different (separate) destiny other than to recover the Lost Sun and to re-member our dis-membered Oneness.

This author came across Norelli-Bachelet's work in the year 2000. From that point on, it was less and less possible to mistake fragmented information for whole knowledge, less and less possible to ignore the reality of the Whole Elephant which the majority of us are all still feeling blindly. The limitations of dis-embodied individual researchers, writers, scientists, academics, governments, nations, institutions and religions became increasingly transparent; and the Consciousness, the Hidden Sun that informed their being and organized their movements became increasingly visible. And in that light, many fragments began to fit together. The formidable Babble of "unrelated" information began to make sense.

In his article, Hart makes note of the fact that the mouths of the Mississippi and Nile rivers are 120 degrees of longitude apart. He cites the researcher/author Richard Hoagland's work regarding the tetrahedral structure of spheres. "If a tetrahedron is circumscribed within a sphere with one apex located at the pole, the remaining apexes will touch at 19.5 degrees from the equator." Hart adds "When we place a tetrahedron inside a sphere as described above the points are separated by 120 degrees. We see that the Maya and Egyptian scientists chose precisely those meridians..." The conclusion seems to be that the internal structure of the sphere is seen as an interlocking ascending and descending tetrahedron, and that this structure is expressed in geological phenomenon on the surface of Earth and was recognized by various Ancient Civilizations. (2)

It is interesting here to note that the symbol Sri Aurobindo used to identify his contribution to the threefold descent of the Solar Gnosis incorporates an ascending and descending triangle. The symbol speaks of the descent of Consciousness into Matter, and of the ascent of Matter to full Consciousness. It is also interesting to note that in 1970 the Mother designed a temple the Mother's Temple (Matrimandir) to be built in India at approximately 12 N 80E. Sri Aurobindo's symbol was to be inscribed on four sides of a square pedestal in the Core of the Temple's inner chamber. Similar to the tetrahedron within a sphere, the entire circular outer structure of the Temple occultly contained this symbol of the ascending and descending triangles in detail, as well as the dimensions of the Pyramid of Giza. (3) The inner chamber of the Temple was to rest on the Mother's symbol, a twelve spoked wheel (corresponding to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 months of the year), concentric around a four spoked wheel, concentric around a center circle. In the middle of the Temple, on the pedestal, was to be a Translucent Globe that would be constantly illuminated within the darkness of the Temple by a single ray of light from the sun (or artificially at night). The symbols of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Mother's Temple have been put forth as symbols of the future realization ... symbols of what we will come to Know about ourselves and our world ... symbols of our future as an Integral Whole. These profound offerings go mostly unnoticed in our modern society. Temples and intelligent civilizations of the past seem to catch our interest. But what about the Gnosis and the Mother's Temple that has been born in our lifetime?

A student of Norelli-Bachelet's work can see that the implications of Hart's observation regarding 120 degrees of longitude between the Mississippi and the Nile are much wider in scale than Hart or most anyone could imagine. On the fold out map in The New Way, Norelli-Bachelet inscribed a triangle from the North Pole to 120 W and 120 E, the base of which is 30 S. This area happens to contain the bulk of the entire human population of the Earth. And it also happens that 120 degrees of longitude corresponds to the 432,000 mile radius of the Sun: 120 x 60' x 60" = 432,000 seconds of longitude (3600" per degree). And this 432,000 figure happens to corresponds to the figure of the Kali Yuga (a base unit of time from the ancient Vedic Indian culture, which has been translated as "Dark Age"). It is an unfortunate and hopefully temporary state of affairs that the 432,000 figure of the Kali Yuga has been taken by modern-day Vedic astrologers (whom Norelli-Bachelet calls "Post Vedic") to be years, rather than seconds of degrees of celestial longitude. Some of these modern Vedic astrologers have compensated for the ridiculously long "Dark Age" by dividing 432,000 by 360 days, making the Kali Yuga a much more tolerable duration only 1200 years.

432,000 seconds of celestial longitude translates into 8640 years or 120 degrees of the Precession, (4) or four astrological ages. 8640 years of the 25,920 precessional cycle correspond to the ratio 3:9, or the "3" of our 0/9 number system. There are three Kali Yugas in one Precession. This 3:9 ratio corresponds to the Earth's position as the third of nine planets. Each 120 Kali Yuga contains four ages. The time structure of the Kali Yuga happens also to be expressed in the geometric structure of pyramids (in which four three-sided walls converge upon one point). And we are also seeing that it is expressed as well in certain geological phenomenon on Earth.

Without the truth of the Kali Yuga, which only Norelli-Bachelet has brought forward, students will simply miss the correspondence, miss the communication, and will have a difficult, if not impossible time bridging the divisions in all our disconnected systems of knowledge of the past and present. If we hold on to the 432,000 or 1200 year interpretation of the Kali Yuga, we will be severely handicapped in our capacity to see and to eventually place ourselves consciously and comfortably within the One Vast Interconnected Design.

The Interconnected Design, once we begin to see it, is mind boggling and it becomes less and less subtle in its communications once we begin to look in the right way. Over time, it becomes blatant. For instance the numbers of Sri Aurobindo's birthday are 8.15.1872, we can see the product of 8 x 15 is 120, the figure of the Kali Yuga and one third of a 360 degree circle. If we multiply 120 by the 18 (of 1872) we get 2160 the diameter of the moon in miles and the length of an astrological age in years. And when we multiply 120 x 72 (of 1872) we get 8640 the Kali Yuga in years. How is it that this man's birth date reflects the 3 x 4 structure of Time and Space the same structure that is contained in the Vedic Yugas and in the structure of the pyramids and in the geological structure of our planet? Does this make anyone CURIOUS?

Hart's article is a potent catalyst for readers. It is an invitation to wake up to the reality that the technology and placement of ancient pyramids and other megaliths were the result of a connection to our Earth and Cosmos that we have lost. Considering all this information, it seems that the gig is really up the Ignorance is truly dissolving.

At this point in Time, we are being invited one by one to remember, to see and to participate in the Design in an entirely New Way, to offer ourselves and our limited capacities and our limited consciousness to the Vast Design, to allow ourselves as Individuals to be organized into a Unified Field Individuals within a Unified Consciousness, orbiting about a central Sun, around a living body of Gnosis.

It is also the case that at this point in Time most of us are still holding on dearly to our own little laboratories, our little fields, and continue to resist the re-union with the Whole until the re-union is accomplished by our death. But this is bound to change. The re-union of the Individual with his or her Cosmic Mother and Spirit will not be lorded over by Death forever. The full re-union is bound to happen on Earth, in time, in space, in matter. Matter will be reunited with the Whole. Life will be re-united with the Whole. Mind will be re-united with the Whole. That is the gist of Sri Aurobindo's life work, his message. That is the seed he was destined to plant. And he did.

Norelli-Bachelet writes, "Each destiny evolves with the secret knowledge of integrality. The flow seems to be slow, far too slow for us, simply because we do not see the totality of elements that must be embraced in the movement and carried forward. It is a harmonious process precisely because it contains all and coordinates all the parts. Each element of the destiny, be this either individual or collective, is attended to. Nothing is left out." (5)

(1) See The Magical Carousel and Commentaries, Aeon Books (1973 and 1979), and The Gnostic Circle, Aeon Books, (1975).

(2) Over the 3 days when this article was being written there was a 7.8 M earthquake in Chile at 19.8 S 69 E and a 7.2 M earthquake off Northern California at longitude 125 E. And a 6.8 M Earthquake at 179.8 E. The 3 came as a set within 3 days.

(3) The Temple was never built to the specifications of the Mother. A Temple was built in Auroville (12 N and 79 E), called the Mother's Temple. But the dimensions and design as prescribed by her were not respected. This is documented in The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2, Aeon Books, 1981.

(4) The Precession of the Equinoxes moves one degree in 72 years. 72 years x 120 degrees = 8640.

(5) The New Way, Volume 3, pl 571. TNW Volume 3 was written 22 years ago but seems to have been waiting for the world to awaken to another genius of integration, Leonardo da Vinci, before it could be published. In this Volume, Norelli-Bachelet indeed cracks the da Vinci code conclusively; at least in what concerns Leonardo's most widely circulated drawing, the Vitruvian Man. That remarkable geometric symbol will never be seen with the same eyes of old after Volume 3 of The New Way.

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