The Matrimandir (The Mother's Temple) - Links & News

Matrimandir Action Committee (MAC)
- claims the Mother's Temple in Auroville was built by architects and builders who did not respect the original intentions (i.e. sacred geometry) of the Mother's 1969 plan for the temple, thereby establishing a monument to the ego and not to the realization of the Divine Self.

MAC's Chronicles of the true dimensions of the Matrimandir were accepted into the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville Archives in 2005.

A Tale of Two Temples - 31 March 2007 - A summary of the significance of the Matrimandir inauguration in Auroville based on the architects’ revised plan, paralleled by completion of the 36-year Supramental Yoga.

2007 Announcements concerning the Matrimandir.