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Circumsolatious Blog - a blog about recognizing our common evolutionary journey as the basis for Integral & Supramental Gnosis. Postings include articles by Lori, with some guest essays & letters, and selected writtings of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother & Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet. June 2009 - present
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Waving the Flag of Cosmic Ignorance in the Face of Sri Aurobindo and the Tradition of Vedic Avatars -
a response to Tusar N. Mohapatra, editor and founder of Savitri Era Open Forum. 15 August 2009

The 'Inconvenient Necessity of Producing Evidence: The Deportation Case Against Patrizi
4 August 2009

Peter Heehs's Betrayal and an Ashram in Upheaval - Two Sides of the Same Mistake 13 March 2009

Is the True Significance of Immortality Day Lost on Followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother?
- a response to the 26 Nov 2008 Mumbai attacks and to an article by Anurag Banerjee entitled 'Death in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram'. 23-24 December 2008

The Modern View of Astrology & the Devaluation of Ancient Wisdom 27 July 2007

What is Integral Knowledge? (Integral Naked) 23 June 2007

The Path of Integral Knowledge and the Twelve Months of the Year 31 May 2007

Integral Yoga, Integral Theory & Evolutionary Spirituality: A Missing Piece 13 May 2007

A Wiki War & a Statement by PNB Regarding Her 'Detractors' 21 December 2006

Letter to Zafar: The Gnostic Circle as a Key to Studying the Individual & Collective Journey - Includes quotes from Sri Aurobindo's Savatri. 27 Sept 2006

Letter #1 to Dr. Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14 astronaut & founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences: A Consideration of Time & a 'Supramental' Cosmology as an Important Component of Gnosis & Noetic Sciences. 8 June 2006

Letter #2 to Dr. Edgar Mitchell: The Hero's Journey in 360 Degrees. 30 June 2006

An Introduction to Gnosis – A Powerpoint presentation of the triadic structure of the Supramental Descent (re-written 12 May 2006)

'The Gospel of Judas' Hoopla
- The New York Times published frontline stories April 6 & 7, 2006 about the surfacing of this gospel (actually found in the 1970's), timed with the release of a television show, a magazine article, two books and an exhibition by National Geographic on the subject.

     6 April 2006: Letter to the New York Times
     7 April 2006: Supramental Yoga Perspective of the Judas Hoopla
     10 April 2006: Judas, Scorpio & Leonardo's 'The Last Supper'
     12 April 2006: Zodiacal References in Gospel of Judas
     4 May 2006: The Ordeals of Scorpio

Andrew Cohen's 'Evolutionary Enlightenment'
- & a Buried Interview with Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (
UPDATED January 2007)

Antiquity, Vedic Cosmology & Heresy - a letter published by Atlantis Rising Magazine, July 2003 regarding the widespread and enduring Misinterpretation the Yugas.

The Yoga of Astrology

One Vast Interconnected Design a response to Will Hart's article "The Force Fields of Earth: Are Megalithic Structures Around the World Part of the One Vast Interconnected Design?" in Issue #51 of Atlantis Rising magazine

Letter 1 regarding The Matrimandir (The Mother's Temple) - a cover up of global proportions.
Letter 2 regarding The Matrimandir

Book Review: The Gnostic Circle & The Magical Carousel

Journey to Skambha - an account of a 2002 trip to Aeon Center of Cosmology in Kodaikanal, India

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