A Consideration of Time and a 'Supramental' Cosmology
as an Important Component of Gnosis and Noetic Sciences

The following letter was written the day after seeing Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, give a presentation at the IONS center in Petaluma, California.

8 June 2006

Dear Dr. Mitchell,

It was lovely to see you last night, your experience carries with it much force of change. Last I saw you was with my grandparents at a small party you hosted at your house in Palm Beach in 1984 or so. . . .

In 1999-2000 I traveled to India, and among other adventures, visited a man who read the Akashic record ... and saw the reality of that holographic phenomenon of which you have spoken and written. But I had already begun studying and appreciating the validity of astrology in 1996, which occurs as one methodology of the reading of the Akashic Record.

During that trip, I found my way to Pondicherry, India where the sages Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) and the Mother (1878-1973) engaged in the yoga of an evolution towards a Supramental (beyond Mental) Knowledge and world-integration. From 1996, I've been struck by their teachings regarding the immanent evolutionary shift of an even greater order than the shift that brought mental activity to animal life.

Upon returning to the United States, I was lead to the work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (1938), who arrived in Pondicherry in 1971 and subsequently began introducing the cosmological dimension of the Supramental/Integral Yoga, which has long acknowledged the Zero Point as the womb of matter, and Time as the agent that allows the growth of form and consciousness in predicable stages.

To make a long story short, this cosmological level of the Knowledge was rejected by the majority of students of Sri Aurobindo an the Mother, as were the true dimensions of the sacred temple that the Mother designed in 1970. A temple was built, but with many alterations to the Mother's original blue prints, yet to this day the temple is marketed as if it respected the Mother's plans. All information that exposes the deviation is suppressed and ridiculed.

Much of the original design of the temple was based on the structure of time and matter ... including a diameter of 24 meters to reflect the 24 hours of the day, and a central solar ray reflecting the year.

My interests for the past six years have revolved entirely around the widely accepted Knowledge of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and the widely rejected Knowledge of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet.

It is as if the majority of the Integral Yoga students cannot make the leap from appreciating knowledge of the Transcendent to appreciating knowledge of the Cosmic dimensions of reality, and how that applies to the ever-changing world of each Individual form ... each micro and macro system ... each nation ... each person... each thing born in time.

I find that very few students want to consider the element of time, how events are linked in time. Yet in my experience there is a clear geometry drawn by lines of time (or events in time), just as there is a clear geometry of form. Isn't it a curious question: How are geometries of time related to geometries of form? Certainly we will come to find that there is a seamless relationship between form and the time factor which gestates all form.

I see how the Zodiac, which is mentioned in the Rig Veda, and more recently in the Bible, used to be a complete system of knowledge, describing the nature of creation, form, time ... the structure of light ... and I see how atrophied this knowledge has become. And I also see that the current Zero Point Energy Field, and the Quantum Hologram has been described in the form of the Zodiac for aeons. The Zodiac and its symbols – often seen as simply a 2-dimensional image – is also 3 dimensional and 4 dimensional (adding Time).

I understand that IONS is in a transitional phase, and I would like to just present my perspective to you ... that both Science and Religion have dropped the ball when it comes to studying TIME in relation to our Material Reality and Consciousness ... and that includes banishing the 'Mother of All Sciences' – i.e. Astrology – to the waste bin, as a useless vestigial structure left over from superstitious, sun worshiping cults.

I feel strongly that the yoga of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet and the volumes she has written on the nature of Time and Space, need the serious attention of scientists and spiritualists alike. In all my studies, I have never seen such knowledge as comes from this woman. I have never seen such knowledge or Gnosis, with a true power to integrate all the various studies and factions of all our various academic, nationalistic, individualistic and spiritual pursuits on planet Earth. In truth, until I read her work, I had never read anything that qualified as a world-integrating Gnosis.

In your talk of 7 June, 2006, you mentioned that once one gets a taste of a truer perspective, nothing else will do but that. That is how I feel about the Gnosis presented by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, and I wonder if the Institute of Noetic Sciences will ever be compelled to incorporate the Gnosis that she has presented in her various works since 1971 – the same year you stepped upon the moon.

My immediate wish is that IONS or Shift magazine would allow some review of The Gnostic Circle, or some mention of the cosmology presented by PNB. My long term wish is that IONS would not simply focus on Transcendence-based transformation, but on transformation based on the whole Trinity - the Transcendent, the Cosmic and the Individual dimensions of existence, and that IONS would begin to explore how it is that time binds together these three elements of the Divine creation, and perhaps even begin to explore the ground breaking Supramental yoga and Gnosis of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet as part of its Noetic studies. From what I have seen, the paradigm or evolutionary shift spoken of by these yogis, is intimately related to the mission of IONS.

In 2002 Andrew Cohen sent his senior editor Craig Hamilton of WIE to India. (1) Hamilton conducted an extensive interview of PNB and to this day will neither publish that important interview in print, online or give the interview back to PNB, yet his teaching seems to be inspired by her work on the Evolution of Consciousness. He is well aware of her contributions to the subject, yet has never given her credit for being a pioneer of these matters for decades before he ever stumbled across the concepts.

This is just one example of the difficulties her work has encountered in entering the larger playing field over the past three decades. Much of my focus lately has been towards questioning the obstacles in the way of recognizing the new order of Knowledge that has presented itself through her work, and it is clear that such recognition does involve a massive paradigm shift, the likes of which many will not make in this life time. Yet, regardless of the receptivity of her work, the Knowledge is there, laid out to be seen by those with a capacity for a new vision, a new language, a new experience of life and consciousness.

I believe I have donated a copy of one of her books, The Gnostic Circle, to IONS, but don't know what became of it. I would gladly send you a copy of The Gnostic Circle if you feel an inclination to explore this further.

Thank you for sharing your vision of unity with the world and your sustained will towards cultivating an expanded consciousness.

Love and Light, Lori Tompkins

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