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The Hero's Journey in 360 Degrees

30 June 2006

Dear Dr. Mitchell,

I am delighted that you would like to keep in touch and discuss (when you have time) the supramental (or gnostic) cosmology. A few weeks back, I read your article, 'Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram', and look forward to getting a hold of your book on the subject.

I have been meaning to send the three books* in this package to you, but have wanted to accompany them with a letter that might help introduce their relevance to your work.

In your IONS talk earlier this month, you mentioned that on your trip back from the Moon you got to be a passenger observing 360 degrees of the ecliptic plane go by every two minutes, seeing the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the backdrop of the universe roll by in continuous succession. This experience of repetitive rotation and the vision it offered induced a mind and life-altering state in which all of the seemingly infinite particles of the universe (i.e. the multiplicity) occurred as a whole ... a unified being (i.e. a unity); and that the Earth, despite our current experience and culture of division, is one body ... one being.

The Earth of course experiences such a rotation, 360 degrees relative to the ecliptic plane of the solar system and the backdrop of the constellations in various cycles (or circles) of time, such as the 24 hour day, the 360 + 5 day year, and the 25,920 year precession of the equinoxes. You mentioned that the rotation of Apollo 14 was intentional so that the space craft would not get burnt by the rays of the Sun. I think you referred to the rotation as 'barbeque mode'. In each day of your trip back to Earth, in this 'barbeque mode', you would have physically experienced that 360 degree rotation, 720 times.

Granted all earthlings experience one such 360 degree rotation on Earth's axis each day, and one such rotation around the Sun each year, but we are mostly unconscious of this very real movement. Your experience was a conscious awakening to and a concentration of that cyclical movement. This cycle, which in the case of the precession of the equinoxes, takes the Earth and it's civilizations 25,920 years (12 x 2160 years) to complete, you completed repeatedly in 120 seconds.

Your unusual view from Apollo 14 gave you a profoundly concentrated experience of the hero's 360 degree journey. In the Rig Veda this 360 degree journey is termed the 'sacrifice' and is the epic journey of the birth, the loss and the return of the light of the soul accomplished in 12 stages (such as 12 months of the year or 12 ages of the precession). This journey can be seen as the one story, told over and over and over again through all individual forms ... the one song ('uni-verse').

It must be relevant to the unfolding plot of the establishment of the noetic or gnostic view that it was only in the Rig Veda that you found any reference to your particular samadhi based on an experience of simultaneous unity and multiplicity. And it must be apparent that as a collective, we have run into some major kinks in achieving the regenerative gnosis necessary in the process of completing the hero's journey or 'sacrifice'. [1]

I have found in my studies and life circumstances that a shift to gnostic or supramental consciousness (in the terms of Sri Aurobindo's yoga) needs to be founded precisely on a concentrated experience of repeated and conscious progression through multiple 360 degree cycles of time. One can consider many WAYS of achieving gnosis or knowledge of the whole, but the WAY laid out by the Vedic Rishis, which you got to experience in such a unique way, is the Way of the Circle.

The circle one sees on a piece of paper, in the iris of an eye, in a cross-section of an orange or in the face of the full moon is a vision the mind can have independent of considering the dimension of time. But the experience of the Circle which you had, and the experience of the Vedic 'Sacrifice' or sacred Year cannot be considered independent of the dimension of time. Here I come to the point of this letter, introducing the gift of these books. From what I've learned since taking birth on 12 February 1969 (a little over 5 months before the first moon landing), is that the shift to gnosis is akin to a concentrated, conscious and integrated experience of the Way of the Circle (the 360 degree view of the sol/soul), and that it cannot be truly achieved individually or on a collective scale, without considering and mastering the dimension of time, which must be considered in its cyclical (not linear) nature.

From my perspective your 360 degree experience in 1971 was meant to be a big clue and saving grace for the entire Earth because it points to some very simple yet unseen keys to the study and cultivation of gnosis ... keys missing largely from both Science and Spirituality.

The Gnostic Circle, published in 1975, is a real transmission of the cosmic view and experience that induced your samadhi - a real transmission of simultaneous oneness and multiplicity based on a seeing of or knowledge of the soul's 360 degree journey through time. The concentration or impact of book of course varies according the receptivity of the reader (receptivity in this case must include patience for digesting new material), but all the same the transmission is there.

In many ways, the reader of the book gets put in the same position you were in coming back to the Earth. One gets to be the passenger, no longer at the controls of the 'ship'; and from there one watches more and more consciously as the 360 degree cycles of his or her days and years go by one after another in succession and one realizes that all the myriad circumstances are connected as a continuous harmony, in a way that can be accurately described in no other way than as circles within circles of the One Circle. Each circle of circumstance reveals itself to be a micro field of an individual soul representative of the Macro Soul of the whole universal being.

The consciousness behind circumstances and the value of circumstances become more apparent when seen as a progression within a 360 degree whole. Certain constellations, geometries, recurrences and patterns of energies come to be recognized in one's past and present that give one a better and better representation and experience of the eternal truth of being and becoming (sanatana dharma). This lived experience begins the real and irreversible process by which the linear mental consciousness is displaced by its superior - the circular, spherical gnostic (or supramental) consciousness - whose signature must be direct knowledge of the whole.

The primary research laboratory of this study of time, circumstance and the unseen all-organizing consciousness is necessarily one's own field or circle in relation to the Earth's cycles, cosmic cycles and to the cycles of other individual beings, entities and events in time. This will most likely occur as unscientific to many, but there are those who are now questioning modern science's past 500 years or so of disowning consciousness as a valid origin, substance and product of being.

With regard to the 360 degree journey (as seen by you in space and as represented in the form of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's Gnostic Circle), one can watch that journey unfold in the path of any individual, life event, world event, nation, etc., based on knowing the entry point or birth of the subject. This entry point is the portal by which the unmanifest manifests as an individual or collective entity with a certain progression, creation or course to be played out in time.

I have not learned enough to know how this entry point relates to the Zero Point Energy Field in your study of Quantum Holography, but I can imagine there are some real correspondences. In Sanskrit the term ayanamsha indicates the birth of the 360 degree year at the spring equinox or 0 degrees Aries of the Tropical Zodiac. [2] Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet uses the term 'zero point' to describe the birth of the year, the birth (and apex) of the 360 degree circle, and the birth of any material form or event in time.

One can see in Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's presentation of the enneagram in the Gnostic Circle (please refer to the cover of The Gnostic Circle) that the 0 and the 9 occupy the same place. She has understood, as the Vedic mathematicians from which we inherited out 0/9 number system must have known, that the 0/9 number system describes a circular and infinite system of the creation, preservation and dissolution of Energy/Matter that can infinitely replicate or regenerate itself in patterns of time without ever being in jeopardy of losing its original integrity and potency. One can also see that the numbers 3, 6 and 0 are not only an expression of the 9 via the fact that 360 is divisible by 9 but that these figures make up the trinity of the enneagram. [3] The 0 can been seen as the seed and unseen form of the 9. Our minds might object here because we are accustomed to think of the zero as an emptiness. But apparently that is not how Vedic seers knew the zero.

Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has recently begun an organized 'Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom'. In 'A Preface: The Zero, the Veda and the Measure of the Divine Year', she refers to the Vedic Rishis' seeing of the zero as a 'Fullness'.

'That is Fullness, this is Fullness,
from Fullness comes Fullness.
When Fullness is taken from Fullness,
Fullness remains.'
(Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 1.10)

Later in the 'Preface' she writes regarding the celebration of sacred events in India:

'Rituals upon rituals are performed, but where is that integrating and protective power they are intended to provide? The reason for this impotency as a collective experience can be traced to the loss of Fullness and immersion into the Void where only chaos is found. Nothing is right, nothing is in its place. The ayanamsha of Fullness which generates Order and Power, and certainly the power to integrate, cannot arise from the void of Nothingness, or the Zero as we know it today after centuries of decline. Thus, to integrate, to unify, to fortify, to render whole what has been torn asunder, we must seek to understand the root of the problem. Once we have located the original 'knot' as it were, we can proceed to undo it; and then the emergence of the pristine and true essence of the Zero can begin.'

I would love to give some examples of how becoming consciousness of cycles of time begins to reconstruct and regenerate the gnosis of our being ... but have already written enough for now ... and you have plenty of material to chew on in this package.

I will say that I had no intention of coordinating writing and sending this letter/package with the 37th anniversary (or zero point) of the first landing on the Moon on the 30th of June 1969. The numbers of the date 6.30 oddly correspond to the figures of the 3, 6 and 0 which make up the number 360 and the trinity of the enneagram (when the 0/9 is known as the apex). I have seen that there is NO COINCIDENCE when it comes to these matters. Zero points and anniversaries (and other points along the circle in relation to the 'birth') have a real power, a real poignancy that goes far beyond nostalgia and are worthy of our awareness and honoring far beyond our normal modes of recognition or celebration.

Sri Aurobindo wrote that he did not consider it coincidence at all that India's Independence day happened to fall on his own birthday. The mind does not conjure up such coincidences. They are choreographed by something else advanced infinitely beyond the mind's coordinating capacity. It seems appropriate and even necessary to approach that something else – that eternal consciousness – by beginning to understand its geometries and relations between events and people throughout time.

The more I rotate on the barbeque skewer of my own life, the more the concept of coincidence as a random fluke, void of any purpose (and unworthy of serious attention) occurs as the biggest crock of all.

For instance, I don't think it any coincidence that this perspective of the Gnostic Circle and the study of the 360 degree journey in time is visiting you just before the 36th anniversary of your lunar adventure and samadhi induced by the concentrated experience of travel through the 360 degrees of the ecliptic. As I see it this is simply how Gnosis or Supramental Consciousness works ... in time with an amazing precision that consistently wrecks the linear and divisive certainty of the mind. For most earthlings, the approach to the gnostic (or supramental) consciousness will be a gradual process - a gradual succession of revelations which will establish a better and better vision of the whole. This vision will have the true power to reconstruct reality based on the regenerative principle of the circle. You just happened to get the fast course.

The importance or significance of the 36th anniversary of your 1971 trip (the wrecking of your own linear consciousness) will perhaps make more sense after you read The Gnostic Circle ...

I hope this letter finds you well and that you have some time to explore and respond to the content of the letter and package.


Lori Tompkins

* Time and Imperishability, The Gnostic Circle, The New Way, Volumes 1-2 by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet


[1] This 'kink' is not unlike the kink that the people of Thebes and Oedipus ran into in Greek mythology, where the hero could not continue and the people would perish one by one if the Sphinx's question remained unanswered regarding a creature with One Voice yet 4 legs at dawn, 2 legs at noon and 3 legs at dusk. 'Man' was Oedipus's victorious answer but we can all see that that answer did not solve any of our problems, and that further inquiry into the riddle of our own unity is required. The 'Riddle of the Sphinx' can be seen to be a riddle of time if one takes into account that the Sphinx is a chimera of two or more of the fixed signs of the zodiac. The riddle can also be seen as a riddle pertaining to our own number system if one takes into account that 4 + 2 + 3 = 9 and that the enneagramatic circle is a being (our living self-replicating and eternal system) that has 9 'legs' and 'One Voice'.

[2] In the Tropical Zodiac system the ayanamsha or birth of the year (or 360 degree circle) is the Spring equinox. For those who follow the Sidereal Zodiac, the ayanamsha has no anchor in the Earth's experience of the solstices and the equinoxes. Ms. Norelli-Bachelet writes that, even though following the Sidereal Zodiac is the common practice of many 'so-called Vedic astrologers', the practice is in no way a true representation of the Vedic knowledge of the Earth's year, and is the wrong reference system for understanding the hero's (soul's) 360 degree journey in time.

[3] 360 is also an expression of the 9 via Theosophical addition which reduces any number, no matter how large, to a single digit number power. 360 reduces to 36 by the equation 3 + 6 + 0 = 36. Then 36 further reduces to 9 by the equation 3 + 6 = 9.