The Gnostic Circle as a Key to Studying the Individual and Collective Journey*

A Key to Man's Late-Blooming Knowledge and Late-Success in 'Opening the Mystic Script'
(Includes Passages from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri, Canto IV, 'The Secret Knowledge')

Zafar Satvayan posed the following question in an online study group** regarding the Gnostic Circle and the Supramental Cosmology:

I feel a little confused with this knowledge. It makes perfect sense yet how to relate
[The Gnostic Circle] to the broader world out there?? Love & Peace' (Sept 2006)

The reply went as follows:

... For me the Gnostic Circle occurs as an eternal map/blueprint of development of Matter/Energy and the manifestation of Consciousness that we learn to read. We learn to read our purpose and become THAT fullness, we become that 360 degree
consciousness or Gnosis, which ultimately connects the Alpha and the Omega, the One and the Many, the Seed to the full fruition of Being's Will. We become conscious of our 360 degree journey in Time and Space, and learn to See, Know, Identify with and ultimately to Become the Superior consciousness that is eternal or self-replicating through Time and Space.

I have been reading from Canto IV of Savitri, entitled 'The Secret Knowledge', and in my view, it points clearly to the work that gets accomplished by following one's own course and the course of the Supramental Descent, world events, nations and
civilizations in Time, by the Light of the Gnostic Circle. The Tropical Year becomes a Map for the 'sailor on the flow of time', linking the dimensions of Time and Space. One learns to navigate Time as well as Space. Who has ever mapped time??? In concentric circles??? The ancient Indians, the Mayans ... but by now it has just become occult or 'Secret Knowledge' which is widely misunderstood or completely blown off; and BOOM, Thea has come along to re-introduce the Key of the Secret Knowledge (her Way prepared by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of course). The Mind is given its
Catalyst, it Fixing Agent (in this Age of Aquarius) ... it mode of shifting out of the flat consciousness - whose thoughts have built this teetering civilization, towards the full, circular/spherical, Gnostic or Supramental Consciousness - whose 'thoughts' will build a golden civilization.

With the GC as a guide/model, one orients one's self and the world in Time by the four coordinates of the Equinoxes/Solstices - by the Cardinal Points of the Tropical Zodiac, not just in Space by the four coordinates of North, South, East, and West. That Square within the Tropical Year which defines our the seasons, is perhaps the easiest 'shape of Time' to see and know ... but we see that there are other shapes in Time, such as the Triangle, which is the basis of the Indian Yugas (which Thea re-discovered).

One begins to see the Supramental coordination in one's own birth and life and in all events. The consciousness-force of the Divine in the 'shapes of Time' become apparent, and coincidences/events become the ordered/harmonious manifestation of
the consciousness/force. One develops 'knowledge of the shapes of time' and his/her mind gets retrained to see in circles within circles ...

'His face of human thought puts on a crown.
Held in her [the Cosmos'/Nature's] leash, bound to her caprice,
He studies her ways if so he may prevail
Even for an hour and she work out his will...' (p. 65)

The images/symbols of the crown and the halo are symbols of the circular or spherical consciousness, and the 'superiority' of those (known to us as royalty and angels in our mythology/culture) who realize the circuitry of the one and the many and the circuitry of Time. And though the impact of understanding the implications of the Gnostic Circle and its real power to transform consciousness (towards the Supramental) is IMMENSE, 'A long beginning only has been made'. One begins to live in the Circular embrace of Time and Space, 'He looks out on the magic waves of Time' with the keys to perceive their concentric ripples.

And it is by this Knowledge that Convergence is possible. The root of Science actually means to cut apart, and even though the root meaning of religion is to 'rejoin' together ... we all know how that has splintered and broken apart the world knowledge. The Gnostic Circle introduces the means of a complete reversal of all that splintering, it introduces the means of a convergence of world knowledge... Where all the traveling cows/rays of light come home,*** to their source, and the mentality of 'Divide and Conquer' gets put in its place as an OLD way of a dying civilization, and Convergence upon the
Absolute, the Point, Real Idea, the One – becomes established as the New Way of a regenerative civilization.

'Through fog and mist where nothing more is seen
He carries her sealed orders in his breast.
Late will he know, opening the mystic script,
Whether to a blank port in the Unseen
He goes or, armed with her fiat, to discover
A new mind and body in the city of God
And enshrine the Immortal in his glory's house
And make the finite one with Infinity.' (p.73)

I hope all this helps you orient yourself more in the Gnostic Circle, the Year and the world-play ... and in this study group.

Lori Tompkins (27 September 2006)

PS. More quotes from Canto IV - 'The Secret Knowledge' that speak of the journey we are just beginning ...

'A date is fixed in the calendar of the Unknown,
An anniversary of the Birth sublime:
Our soul shall justify its checkered walk,
All will come near that now is naught or far.' (p. 59)

'A seeker of hidden meanings in life's forms,
Of the great Mother's wide uncharted will
And the rude enigma of her terrestrial ways
He is the explorer and the mariner
On a secret inner ocean without bourne:
He is the adventurer and cosmologist
Of a magic earth's obscure geography.
In her material order's fixed design
Where all seems sure and, even when changed, the same,
Even though the end is left forever unknown
And ever unstable is life's shifting flow,
His paths are found for him by silent fate;
As stations in the ages' weltering flood
Firm lands appear that tempt and stay awhile,
Then new horizons lure the mind's advance.' ... (p.69)

'But now he hears the sound of larger sees.
A widening world calls him to distant scenes
And journeyings in a larger vision's arc ...
His prow pushes towards undiscovered shores,
He chances on unimagined continents:
A seeker of the islands of the Blest,
He leaves the last lands, crosses the ultimate seas,
He turns to eternal things his symbol quest;
Life changes for him in its time-constructed scenes,
Its images veiling infinity.' (p.70)

'A Consciousness that knows not its own truth,
A vagrant hunter of misleading dawns,
Between the being's dark and luminous ends
Moves here in a half-light light that seems the whole:
An interregnum in Reality
Cuts off the integral Thought, the total Power...

... Turned on its axis in its own Inane.
Thus is the meaning of creation veiled;
For without context reads the cosmic page:
Its signs stare at us like an unknown script,
As if appeared screened by a foreign tongue
Or code of splendor signs without a key
A portion of a parable sublime.
It wears to the perishable creature's eyes
The grandeur of a useless miracle;
Wasting itself that it may last awhile,
A river that can never find its sea ...

.... A hyphen must connect Matter and Mind,
The narrow isthmus of the ascending soul:
We must renew the secret bond in things,
Our hearts recall the lost divine Idea,
Reconstitute the perfect word, unite.

Sri Aurobindo
Savriti, Book One, Canto IV


* In the Vedas the Journey is referred to as the Sacrifice. The Journey/Sacrifice is also known as
the 12-rayed (i.e. 12-month) Year.

** The Vishaal Study Group is an online study group led by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, which focuses on PNB's publication The Vishaal Newletters Information on this group can be found at .

*** The Cows are symbols of Divine Light from the Rig Vedas ... there is a point in the Journey Sacrifice where the Light (the Cows) get trapped by the Coverers of the Truth, and cannot yet 'return home' to their orignial source or complete the Journey. The movement at this point is the apparent maximum Divergence from Source, and Death is the consequence. The successful Journey/Sacrifice entails a breakthrough of the Light at this dire point. A new born Convergence (of individual and collective consciousness) is the effect of such a breakthrough.