Critical Threshold 1

A Commentary by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet on
the Tensions in the Middle East and the Evolution of a New Consciousness  

11 August 2006

The world situation is reaching a critical threshold.... I honestly believe that it is only the New Cosmology that can give a comprehensive picture of exactly what is happening in the world. We see Volume 3 of The New Way [1] playing itself out before our eyes. The struggle between the mental strain and the vital, - Abel and Cain. It is so clear.

'... Cain and Abel represent the two powerful but separate strains or planes of the human kingdom: the vital and the mental. Over the ages the war between these two poises has become more and more acute, as well as more clearly defined. Moreover, we find that since the time has come for a new way to manifest, this acute division has now become focussed in the very area indicated in the Bible. In the Middle East the two strains of primordial human nature stand in rigid opposition, and in such a manner that the future of the entire Earth appears at times to hinge on the outcome of their conflict.' - The New Way, Volume 3, p.45.

But if any of you has chosen sides, for whatever reason, you may be in for a surprise. Neither side will win because ... it may be just a case of wiping the slate clean. However, that would mean that the New Creation is fully on its way. But, can we be sure?

... [The idea of the Masada 2000 website] is that Jewish Laureates have contributed nobly to the advancement of the world - whereas the Arabs have done nothing along those lines and are now simply seeking revenge for what they feel has been usurped by others through no fault of their own. And they hold the energy strings of the world. The scenario is complete as described in (The New Way) Volume 3.

All of this is true; but at the same time, it is false. What makes it false is that the full picture is not presented in these analyses. It is a partial, surface view and therefore entirely deceiving. Both Arabs and Jews have fulfilled the roles allotted to them as per the Book [2]. After all, what has the Jewish mental prowess given the world? The list of Jewish Laureates is truly impressive; but if you analyse it carefully you have to agree that many, if not most, of their contributions have perhaps brought the world more rapidly to the critical threshold we now face. After all, if Iran gets the bomb and does away with Israel, as it has promised, we have those Jewish scientists to thank for making all this destruction possible.

Apart from just weapons there is the entire world view that these scientists have provided. The world of Relativity is of their making. The entire world applauds this accomplishment, but we know its failings. So, on the surface the Muslims are the bad guys and the Jews perhaps the good guys, if you take the list of Nobel Laureates as yardstick. By this I am not agreeing with the 'secular' Left that we are responsible for all that has gone wrong in the Muslim world, and therefore that the Arabs have no other option but violence. This may well be the case, but again for very different reasons. And unless those reasons are seen clearly for what they are, without blinkers and prejudices, without political agendas and ideologies entering the equation, how can any real solution come about? [Bold emphasis added]

The only solution is the manifestation of a principle higher than both the Mental and the Vital which have alternately been conditioning the course of civilisation. We live in an age that has seen the fullest play-out of these two Principles as reigning powers in the world. If the Arabs almost conquered the world during the mid period of [the Age of] Pisces [3], it was because the Vital/Hero was dominant then. The cosmic balance was tilted in its favour thanks to the Church having succeeded in abolishing entirely the Mental Principle through its dogmas, its oppression and suppression; while that alone was the element that could bring the Vital under control. As a result the reaction came in the form of Science as we know it today and which we welcomed as a saviour from the darkness the Church had inflicted on the world for centuries. The age of the Hero was being brought to an end. From that time - roughly around the beginning of what we call the Industrial Revolution - it would be Mind that would dominate through a liberated Science. In the panorama the new cosmology presents, these changes were inevitable, given the new triad of planets being 'seen' - precisely through science - from the 17th Century onward. [4] The last triad of planetary indicators was completed in our Age of Aquarius [5], 1930, with the discovery of Pluto. And of course Pluto is known as the planet that governs nuclear power. The scenario was indeed complete with the completion of the new triad.

By hindsight we see that the Age of Pisces established the scenario for circumstances to be arranged in such a way that the appearance of Supermind would be made possible. It is that higher Principle that provides the answers we seek. This higher Principle is described by a unity of the three new planets, - that is, a composite formula. And in itself this offers an example of the New Way in that perception is based on a consciousness that can grasp a unified multiplicity; or, more properly, an all-embracing Unity where the Multiple finds its place within that Whole. More importantly, where the Being and the Becoming are finally harmonised. On the basis of this new faculty we see civilisation moving through the three quarters of the Gnostic Circle and into the Fourth as a connected process, thus bringing to completion what we, as a planetary society, were set on this Earth to facilitate. We know that religions cannot carry us across this threshold because all of them have closed the passageway to this final quarter by relegating it to Heaven - after death. So, if the mess we have created cannot be disentangled, our best bet is to get to that Heaven as quickly as possible! Killing, under whatever of these old banners, can easily be justified.

Diplomacy, as we know it, is based on those two lesser Principles [Vital and Mental] let loose upon the world. Talks naturally break down because alliances are compromises based on an incomplete understanding of what the world is really experiencing, what forces are really playing upon the situation. The Middle East dominated the Age of Pisces, either through Judaism, Christianity or Islam, the brotherhood of the Book; and the world we know is an outcome of all the factors that together they gave rise to. In the higher vision we see that this fraternity was meant not to destroy but to set the stage for the Age of Aquarius and the solutions it would bring as represented in the last two Avatars of Vishnu, 9th and 10th. The most ancient cosmology of the world, the Rig Veda, indicates this very threshold we have reached by noting that the victory can only be accomplished 'when the 9 becomes the 10'.

The Arabs have only the Vital Principle to rely on - but that describes the energy supply system of both the individual and civilisation as a whole. And indeed they now do hold the world to ransom by this very factor, a circumstance that only became relevant when the Industrial Revolution had set in and the machine took over and displaced the raw force of the Hero. These machines were the invention of the Mental Man. But the Vital was not going to be left out of the final 'judgement', a circumstance that was arranged precisely by the discovery of Black Gold, without which those machines cannot function.

If you read again the first chapters of Volume 3 none can be in doubt that what I wrote almost 25 years ago has played itself out in full, according to the formulas of the new cosmology. It is so exact, so compelling in the lucidity it provides that one cannot fail to understand, provided the old consciousness does not interfere. Cain and Abel refer to those Vital and Mental 'strains', almost like a cosmic DNA we are saddled with. Without a higher Principle to 'set each thing in its proper place', Cain and Abel will not be allowed to express even their own fullest potential. They will, as the Book tells us, destroy us by a feud that will play itself out until Time is fulfilled and the period of the 'Revelation' is upon us and a new world is born. This will not be Jewish or Christian or Islamic. It will be NEW in every sense of the word. Not old wine in new bottles, as the saying goes.

This commentary (© 2006 Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) was first published as an email to a circle of students of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet and is reprinted here with the permission of the author. The quote from The New Way, Volume 3 was not in the original commentary, it has been added to the commentary for clarification.

Webpage Endnotes:

[1] The New Way, Volume 3 by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet was written in 1983, published in 2005.

[2] The Bible

[3]The Age of Pisces lasted from 234 BCE - 1926 CE, see The Gnostic Circle by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, 1975.

[4] Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

[5] The Age of Aquarius stretches from 1926 to 4086 CE.