Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's Discussions on
The Error of Considering Buddha as the 9th Avatar of the Hindu Line of Ten
& Sri Aurobindo's Role as an Evolutionary Avatar

The following passage is from Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's Time and Imperishability (Aeon Books, 1997):

'... The Buddha was not the 9th Avatar; he was a shadow, as it were, of that Coming. But he has served a great and noble purpose. This was to carry the evolving spirit of humankind in the opposite direction from the goal (apparently), in order that the fullest depths be reached and the greatest distance from God be experienced by the collective soul of the negation itself: so that this darkest night would permit the rise of the new Dawn as the Time-Spirit indicates for this, our Age [of Aquarius]. It is this dawn that the 9th Avatar ushers in. Indeed, 9 is his number-power [1], and 9 is the number of Birth and the New. Further on we shall present conclusive evidence that this number is expressive of the 9th Avatar, just as the 8 was for Krishna and the 7 for Sri Rama.

'While not exactly defining the cosmos and hence birth in time as illusion, the Buddha [set] in motion this development which then became fully concretised during the Age of Pisces, prior to our own, and the time of Shankara. The Buddha planted those seeds. But the only concern of that Incarnation of Compassion was to free the human spirit from suffering. He saw that attachment was one of the principal culprits in this regard, binding the seeker to this crushing wheel which imprisons him in his self-made hell. Therefore he sought a realisation which would liberate the individual from that which in his eyes constituted the mechanism that entrapped the human being and consolidated his attachment and hence his pain. Thus a realisation came into being - the attainment of Nirvana - wherein all relations, relatives, relatedness and interrelatedness dissolves (the Sanskrit work itself denotes this). But, as we have indicated in this discussion, the hub of relatedness is the soul. There are no relations or relatedness as such in the soul but rather the soul - the Core and the womb of Hiranyaretas - is the 'centre that holds', that controls and is the very essence of the cosmic Truth and contains its deepest purpose. Therefore it is said, the Buddha denied the soul. Perforce, since only in this way could dissolution be experienced.

'Yet the 'ruse' plagues us - for is this experience of dissolution not part and parcel of that false seeing, that unfocused Lens? Indeed it is. Thus any such denial of the soul and dissolution of relatedness and oneness and the experience of the Cosmic Truth would indeed be a 'ruse' and a means to plunge us into that darkest Night to then explore the fullest reality and know its many avenues which lead ultimately to that supreme Summit. Though not actually being the 9th Avatar, the Buddha served this noble purpose and offered an apparent 'way out' by denying any purpose to creation in matter or birth on earth, other than being a means to escape and free ourselves from this hell of impermanency that material creation and embodiment came to signify.

'However, this formulation is the result of the unfocused Lens. The Hindu Line of Ten Avatars explains the evolutionary process whereby the human race can come at last to realise its collective Soul, an in this act focus that Lens and experience a world in which all is made new in the dawning Age, and all things, even the Avatars, are put in their true, real and just places. The impermanency bemoaned by certain schools of yoga is integrated in our seeing on the basis of the realisation of that precious Hiranyaretas, described in the Rig Veda as 'the navel-center of all that is moving and stable'.

'Certain Buddhistic traditions speak of Buddhism coming to an end 2500 years after the Buddha. Then again, there are Buddhistic prophecies describing the coming of Lord Maitreya, in some way connected with the re-establishment of that which was suppose to end. What then do these conflicting prophecies imply, and who is this Maitreya? Once more we can look toward zodiacal wisdom for clarification. [bold emphasis added]

'The 2500-year span was completed in the 1950's, - that is, the first 25 years of the Aquarian age, those of its very inception. Moreover, Aquarius, as all zodiacal tradition holds, is the sign of the Friend. Hence the 'end' of Buddhism would coincide in some way with the 'coming of Maitreya,' the root of whose name in Sanskrit means precisely Friend. These two indications converge in the beginning of the Age of the Friend, the Age of Aquarius. But the meaning may be quite different than what is commonly believed. For what significance can there be to a description of events in time which we are encouraged to believe serve the purpose of denying that very instrument of time and the hub of its wheel, the soul?

'The Buddha was veritably the Incarnation of Compassion, for only such a profound empathy could allow a soul of that magnificence to veil his light in order to serve the Divine Shakti in such an impeccable manner, taking on as he did the doleful duty of being that unmistakable 'ruse' of the Supreme. That he was this magnificent Instrument cannot be doubted; but the time has come to realise that the perception of certain Sages as to the blow the Buddha inflicted on the eternal Dharma was also accurate. It is time then to correct the 'error of the Buddha', as Sri Aurobindo described regarding the coming of Kalki, and to remove him from the Line of the Ten Avatars, simply because he is not one of them. This has confounded the Knowledge and has been an intrinsic element in the 'ruse', the 'deviation', the 'error' which it must be remembered, was not Gautama's doing but rather that of those who followed. He did not ask to be placed among the Ten. However, all this is rectified by Kalki's coming.' p. 47-50

The following passage is from Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's The New Way, Volume 1 (1981):

'... the avatar, or to be more explicit, the 'evolutionary avatar' – as Rama and Krishna were – appears on Earth only at intervals of approximately 6000 years. [1] This line of Evolutionary Avatars is the same as the Puranic line of Ten Avatars, the last of which is Kalki. However, as we have stated in other works, – the avatars are nine because the tenth is the ninth returned. ... The 9 returns as the One [2], and this is Kalki or Shiva's son Kartikeya, who is 'Shiva himself'.'

The following passage is from Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's The Gnostic Circle (Aeon Books, 1975):

'... Kalki, the last [10th] Avatar of the Hindu tradition, has as his mission to bring the movement back to its rightful destiny, to join the two poles [matter and spirit] and then erase the separation that exists in the reservoir of spiritual energy on the planet...

'... All forms of spiritual thought and practice that have served to heighten the rift between the two poles of spirit and matter must, at this time, give way to the new creation. If the student is truly perceptive he can see that even within the provinces of the Spirit there can be a materialism opposed to spirituality - but neither one nor the other is the way leading to the establishment of the Era of Truth. There must be a unity of the two; only in this realisation can the Earth know its rightful destiny in full.

'Kalki comes precisely for this purpose: to establish the reign of Truth...

'...The true Evolutionary Avatars have never formed religions, nor have religions sprung from their teachings ...

'The Avatar of the 9th Manifestation [3] does not lay the foundations for a new religion, which would defeat the purpose of his advent. It is only the revelation of the next phase of spiritual experience and expression, and the discipline and yogic sadhana that accompanies it, that is his purpose, because each coming must lay a greater possible expression and realisation of the Divine, and it is this that he comes to reveal ... He is the seed of the movement ...

'Sri Aurobindo is this seed ... (p. 49-50)

[1] Norelli-Bachelet is making reference to Sri Aurobindo, born in 1872, which by theosophical addition is equal to the number 9 (1 + 8 + 7 + 2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9).

[2] The Full Circle whose number power is 9 (the Enneagram), begins a new birth or cycle with the number 10. The One and 10 are equal in terms of Number Power (Which can be determined by the process of theosophical addition. This relation of the 9 with the 1 and 10 is discussed in The Gnostic Circle

[3] The 9th Manifestation decribes a period of 3 Astrological Ages (one quarter of a 25,920 year Precession of the Equinoxes) encompassing the Ages of Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn or 234 BCE - 6246 AD]. More information on the 9th Manifestation (and other Manifestations) can be found in The Gnostic Circle Link to The Map ofhe 12 Manifestations.

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Savriti, Book One, Canto IV