Numbers and 'the Figure 9'

On the first day of the year January, 1969, the Mother told Satprem that the Supramental Consciousness had arrived.

36 days into the same year, the Mother told Satprem, that she had had an aspiration the night before
'to know what the function, the action of the Supramental Consciousness would be.'

She consequently had a vision that involved numbers, and groups of numbers and planets.

Here are a couple of selections from the lengthy entry.

From The Mother's Agenda (5 February 1969 & 19 November 1969)

'It is ... well... it was the 'numbered' expression -- the numbered expression of the application to life in a coming realization: life to come, but not very far away; for example, in the next century, which is beginning now. ... a truer application, more universal, and with spiritual knowledge; the principle of the position (place) and the utilization of individuals on Earth ... these numbers were LIVING, it was not writing on paper ...

... I was explaining to you [Satprem] how all these numbers were organised and that they determine future events ...

... it was not the 'conception' of the work it was THE WORK itself ...

... this experience was a reply to teach me how it is going to be ...

... the arrangement in it wholeness was a continuity, but within which the details changed...

... [This experience] came in order to draw attention to the fact that I had to know it ... It is strange ...

... Perhaps it is the beginning of something interesting... '

It was 9 months later, after discussing the Supramental Consciousness, the Mother noted the importance of the number 9:

'There, I’ll write today’s date.
Today is the 19th.
19 November 1969 supramental consciousness.
The first descent of the supramental Force was on a 29th. [29 Feb 1956] And this is on a 19th.
The figure 9 has something to do with all this ... There are so many things we don’t know!'